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INTERMISSION: “Refreshment Time”. Brought to you by Drive-in Theatre Intermission Films

3 Feb


About Me and Detailed Contents (Please Read)

2 Feb

Hi viewers!

My name is Megan and I’m a twenty-one year old student in my second year at DeakinUniversity. This website is a project conducted under my Contemporary Australian Cinema unit. My idea is that it will be a combination of indulgences for the senses, exploring our creative sides, with the main feature being on the Hoyts Drive-in/ Village Starlite Drive-in, Frankston. Included will be:

– Authentic advertisments and trailers shown during the intermission of films shown at the drive-in’s during the 60s and 70s

– I will use my previous knowledge of Architecture through my studies at RMIT University as a Bachelor of Design and Interior Design student (2008/2009) to formulate an essay on the psychology behind old and modern cinema and it’s affect on audiences

Interactive Poll’s I have created in which viewers are able to choose from multiple choice answers about their experience (or lack of) at the Drive-in’s

An Interview I conducted with Andrea L, who has worked for the Lunar Drive-in for six years!

– A collaboration of personal memories from drive-in movie-goers of varying demographics  that I have spoken to and interviewed along the way (I encourage you to add your own experiences to keep the discussion flowing! It is a great way to see how audiences experience and remember drive-in entertainment in different ways, and how the atmosphere and look of drive-in’s has changed over time)

– A slideshow of photograph’s I have taken while visiting the Village Coburg Drive-in


– A link to my contribution to the Bonza database

Photographs of the Frankston drive-in location; while it still operated, and today in 2012,  long after the site was demolished and replaced with other buildings (sourced from Googlearth)

Origional posters of the top 4 films shown at the Frankston drive-in during the 1970’s

Infornmation regarding the drive-in’s change of operators (from Hoyts to Village), the ‘skyline’ experience, Frankston’s ‘grill bar’ and cafeteria furnishings.


Tips for first time drive-in visitors

Famous quotations about the cinema in general

– And Links to other helpful websites

INTERMISSION: “Drive-in Ice Cream”. Brought to you by Nebulax

2 Feb

INTERMISSION: ‘Speaker Announcements’. Brought to you by Tooleman87

31 Jan

Drive-in experience poll’s

30 Jan

INTERMISSION: “Alien Visits Snack Bar”. Brought to you by DriveInSaturday1963

29 Jan


Interview with Lunar Drive-in worker of six years… Andrea Leket

28 Jan

Q1: Why do you think people choose to view movies at the drive-ins rather than an indoor shopping plaza cinema?

I think it’s all about privacy. People who like talking loudly to their friends while others are trying to listen, or answering their phone and continuing a long conversation while others are trying to watch, these things can be avoided in the comfort of your own car. Then you get to have the experience of a cinema outing and the only person you annoy is yourself!

Q2: Have you noticed any changes/ technical advancements in the way drive-ins operate since you have worked in the industry?

Yes. Probably the most obvious one was the use of the bulky speakers which were usually broken and let in the cold air in winter, that have been replaced by tuning into the radio. Another is the use of mobile phones! Customers are able to text their order to the candy bar and have it delivered to their vehicle instead of having to get out, make sure their car was secure and venture to the candybar booth.

Q3: What do you think makes drive-ins so special? (particularly for couples)

For me, it’s the old-fashioned nature of it all. It always seems to be so romantic. And what could be more romantic than the three most lovely things combined: snuggling up beneath a blanket, stargazing and watching a good film.