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Current photographs of Village Starlite Cinema site, Frankston; Demolished in 1982. Sourced from Google Earth.

23 Jan

Ground-Level Vew of 438/444 Nepean Highway (demolished Village Starlite, Frankston location)

Right Street-View of 438/444 Nepean Highway (demolished Village Starlite, Frankston location)

Left Street-View of 438/444 Nepean Highway (demolished Village Starlite, Frankston location)

Bird’s Eye View; 438 – 444 Nepean Highway, Frankston.

Frankston Drive-in: From Hoyts to Village

22 Jan

1970's Speaker

Frankston Starlite Village Drive-in utilised the old Reservoir drive-in screen when the venue was twinned in 1982.
“Reservoir had closed earlier in the year along with Sunshine.”
(Kildberry, 1999)

The Frankston Drive-in was origionally named “Hoyts Drive-in, Frankston” and was owned by Hoyts upon its construction and opening on the 5th of December 1956. During the 15 years Hoyts operated the venue, Frankston only contained one screen. In 1971 Village partnered the operation and the venue was re-named “Frankston Starlite Village Drive-in”. In 1984 (having been run by Village for 13years) the site was twinned.

The Frankston “Skyline” Experience

21 Jan

The “Skyline” has many features including a sandpit, swings and slides for youngsters to play amongst beneath the screens while their parents enjoyed the main features.
Additionally, it’s “Valet Call” service; allowed patrons to press a button on their individual speaker box to call an attendant and place an order. Food could then be delivered hot within minutes to a car!
Similarly there was a mobile refreshment trolley, that would do a regular circut of the venue for patrons convenience.

Frankston Drive-In (1970's)

Frankston’s Drive-in ‘Fish and Grill Bar’

20 Jan

fish & chips

Frankston Starlite Village Drive-in also had a “Fish and Grill Bar” that would normally open at 6pm for patrons. The bar was usually advertised in local papers such as The Argus, alongside the venues movie showing times.

Cafeteria furnishings of the Frankston Drive-in during the 1970’s

19 Jan

Many patrons of the Frankston Drive-In came early and had dinner prior to the main feature inside the self-serve Cafeteria. Diners pushed their tray along the counter, helped themselves and payed the cashier at the end.
The floor was linoleum and the chairs were bright orange vinyl (considered stylish during the 70s). Patrons could “eat in” or “take away” (eating inside was usually preferred, as the hot cafeteria food would fog up movie-goers car windows).
Standard fare included hamburgers, hot dogs and chips; many returning for a chocolate covered (jumbo) ice cream cone upon intermission.

Frankston Drive-In Cafeteria (1970's)

Top 4 Fims shown at the Frankston Drive-In

17 Jan

Hundreds of movies were shown at the Frankston drive-in over the years, with memorable ones being

1. “Herbie Rides Again” which was the big Boxing Day attraction in the late 1970′s,

Origional 'Herbie Rides Again' poster from the 1970s


2. “Fiddler on the Roof”


Origional 'Fiddler On The Roof' poster


3. “Jaws” 

Origional "Jaws" poster


4. ” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Origional 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" poster