About Me and Detailed Contents (Please Read)

2 Feb

Hi viewers!

My name is Megan and I’m a twenty-one year old student in my second year at DeakinUniversity. This website is a project conducted under my Contemporary Australian Cinema unit. My idea is that it will be a combination of indulgences for the senses, exploring our creative sides, with the main feature being on the Hoyts Drive-in/ Village Starlite Drive-in, Frankston. Included will be:

– Authentic advertisments and trailers shown during the intermission of films shown at the drive-in’s during the 60s and 70s

– I will use my previous knowledge of Architecture through my studies at RMIT University as a Bachelor of Design and Interior Design student (2008/2009) to formulate an essay on the psychology behind old and modern cinema and it’s affect on audiences

Interactive Poll’s I have created in which viewers are able to choose from multiple choice answers about their experience (or lack of) at the Drive-in’s

An Interview I conducted with Andrea L, who has worked for the Lunar Drive-in for six years!

– A collaboration of personal memories from drive-in movie-goers of varying demographics  that I have spoken to and interviewed along the way (I encourage you to add your own experiences to keep the discussion flowing! It is a great way to see how audiences experience and remember drive-in entertainment in different ways, and how the atmosphere and look of drive-in’s has changed over time)

– A slideshow of photograph’s I have taken while visiting the Village Coburg Drive-in


– A link to my contribution to the Bonza database

Photographs of the Frankston drive-in location; while it still operated, and today in 2012,  long after the site was demolished and replaced with other buildings (sourced from Googlearth)

Origional posters of the top 4 films shown at the Frankston drive-in during the 1970’s

Infornmation regarding the drive-in’s change of operators (from Hoyts to Village), the ‘skyline’ experience, Frankston’s ‘grill bar’ and cafeteria furnishings.


Tips for first time drive-in visitors

Famous quotations about the cinema in general

– And Links to other helpful websites


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