It’s my first time at a Drive-in, What should I know?

15 Jan

• Can I bring my pet? – Some Drive-In’s do allow pets, but it is best to call, or check their website
• Are they open all week long? – Not all theatres are open 7 days a week. Some are just Fri/Sat, some are Fri/Sat/Sun, some have a day through the week, some are only 7-days a week in the middle of the season. CALL or Check here – we will always tell you.
• What time should I arrive? – Find out when the box office opens, you do not want to be too early, as many Drive-ins do not have long waiting aisles. On the other hand you do not want to be late, as you may be stuck in the back of the lot, and you may disturb other viewers when you arrive late.

•Lawn chairs, Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Pillows – It is going to be warm outside, you dont want to be stuck in the car. We reccommend the collapseable bag chairs.
•Portable Radio and spare batteries – I would reccommend that you have an AM/FM radio with DIGITAL tuning, as the low power transmitters that drive-in’s use can be tricky on an old dial-style radio. Most use FM radio. I use a MP3 Player with FM radio and some battery powered Walkman speakers.
•Mosquito repellent – The popular nostalgia is the PIC Coil (Click here for video), We have also found good luck with the OFF Lantern
•Glow Sticks or small flashlight – Got to see where you are going if you need to run to the restroom, or run out of munchies. DO NOT shine a flashlight at the screen or around, shine it down when walking.

•Laser Pointers – Not only should you leave these at home, YOU MAY BE ASKED TO LEAVE!
•Fireworks / Sparklers
•Grills – Umm, yeah….. cookout at home
•Alcohol – The liquor laws do not allow you to have alcohol. This is a legal thing. Underage drinking may get you a ride in a police car
•Outside food – Many Drive-In’s do not allow outside food (like the indoor theatres), Some allow you to purchase a Food Permit, which allows you to bring in outside food, but may have restricitions like no grilling, no outside pizza boxes, etc. DO NOT sneak food in, you may be asked to leave, or pay a fine to be allowed to stay. Remember that the Drive-In’s do not make their money for ticket prices, they make their money at the concession stands.

•Avoid turning your headlights on – Once you enter the Drive-In, turn your headlights off, just run with your parking lights. You should not be going faster than 5 MPH as it is. When parked, if you daytime running lamps will not shut off, engage your parking break.
•Don’t Honk!! – While some may encourage it to show your applause, most do not.
•Don’t run the car – the exhaust fumes will bother the people in other cars and sitting outside. Also you waste your gas. Your car battery should survive a 2 hour movie; I usually run the engine during intermission.
•My car won’t start!!! – You will not be the first person and will not be the last person with a dead battery, Let the concession staff know, and they will be more than happy to get you a jump.
•Try the concession Stand – Drive-In’s have more variety of food than you will find at the indoor theatres. Like shredded chicken, fresh baked pizza, hamburger, hot dogs, ice cream, rack of ribs, lemmon shake-ups, etc….
•If you had fun, let the staff know


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