Famous Cinema Quotations

14 Jan

Beauty, for example, means beauty not in the classic sense. It is here used not in the abstract – but specifically to mean that which shall be held beautiful by the particular type of people upon whom the particular theatre will be dependent for its patronage ….

Everything about the theatre must be beautiful and restful and tend to put the playgoer in a frame of mind in which relaxation plays a large part. If the theatre-goer is to be shocked at the outset, by some outré or grotesque ornamentation he will never be in the proper frame of mind to enjoy what is to be presented to him in the way of entertainment. He will not have a good time and while he may never trace the cause, he does know the effect and unconsciously will develop an aversion to that particular playhouse.

(Henon,1928, no pagination)


This being a psychological age, it can probably best be defined in psychological terms….

To make our audience receptive and interested, we must cut them off from the rest of the city life and take them into a rich and self-contained auditorium, where their minds are freed from their usual occupations and freed from their customary thoughts. In oirder to do this, it is necessary to present to their eyes a general scheme quite different from their daily environment, quite different in color scheme, and a great deal more elaborate…. The theatre is the palace of the average man. As long as he is there, it is his, and it helps him to lift himself out of his daily drudgery. (Theatre architect Thomas Lamb, 1928, no pagination)

English: The Main House Theatre, The Maltings ...

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