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10 Jan

Village Starlite Cinema, Frankston; My Contribution to the Bonza database:

Newspaper clippings from 1956 advertising Village Starlite Cinema, Frankston; Trove Database:

Large newspaper clipping containing entertainment dates and times for a variety of cinemas, plays, comedy theatres, radio and even dance lessons from 1956.The Trove Online Database: Digitalised newspapers and more, provides a great facility to search infornmation.

There are over 252,911,996 Australian resources. Viewers are able to sign up, order copies of a particular item for delivery, watch videos, condiuct advanced searches and connect with others that have similar research interests.

Infornmation regarding Village Starlite Cinema, Frankston; Woorilla Caught:

The Woorilla Caught website is aimed at children of the 60s and 70s in suburban Australia. It endeavors to take the viewer on an ‘enjoyable trip down memory lane’, ‘stirring up memories of the food you ate, the latest products you ‘had to have’, the tv shows you loved to watch, and more.’ A colorful, fun and interactive website where visitors are able to contribute to and view discussions about the particular venue they are viewing. The interactive nature of the site means that participants are able to “log in” to the page, subscribe to a mailing list to keep updated with the latest postings, as well as links to Facebook and Twitter. The home page is filled with various posts by the administrator about anything from Hopscotch, Crackers and ‘Louie the fly’. The information is grouped into nine tabs whose headings are “My Places”, “food”, “T.V & Cinema”, Toys”, “Games”, “Music”, “Products” and

“School Days”.

Full Record of Village Starlite Cinema, Frankston; Caarp Database:

Details the precise details of the “Frankston Starlite Village” Cinema. Includes infornmation regarding the Event Date, Name, Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Latitude, Longitude, Capacity, Suburban, Purpose, Screens, Operation Dates and Roles in a neat table. Under which are Venue Comments made by Mr.Kilderry, operator of the “Australian Drive-Ins” website. There are also interesting records describing Film Weekly records of the venues change in capacity between 1956 and 1971.

Village Starlite Cinema Drive-in; Drive-ins Downunder:

The “Frankston Starlite Village” page displays specific details of the venues opening/ closing dates, location, capacity, screens and operator, continuing with a brief history of the venue. This includes interesting details of the venues successes and trials; also detailing the “twinning” of the cinema. The page is accompanied by color photographs taken by Brian Jean, of Pinewood Cinemas, depicting the speaker and junction boxes, the inside snack bar; typical of Village in the 1970s, and an image of the two love bug cars used during the Herbie Rides Again Boxing Day attraction in the late 1970s.


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